Nature and Our Mental Health

My library office is in the basement of the hospital.  There are no windows, just one entrance and an exit to the outside that sounds an alarm which sounds like an old elementary bell ringing for recess.  When COVID-19 reared its ugly head and my co-workers departed the building, we all believed this new way... Continue Reading →

The High Price of Healthcare

When President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 on March 23rd, it was a game changer for health care reform in the United States.  While the United States is considered a First World country, our healthcare does not resemble that of other nations in our category.   I wondered why, until... Continue Reading →

And the Learning Continues!

This month I thought I would write about Evidence Based Medicine (EBM).  As a Health Sciences Librarian, it is crucial to be able to search effectively for what the patron needs to be able to provide the best care for the patient.  The patient is always the beginning and end point of my work.  In... Continue Reading →

Reflection on Diversity Literature

It has been a crazy year!  When 2020 slipped in, it seemed as if the world would continue the same course toward global warming, continued political divisiveness, in other words…the world would remain status quo.  Then covid-19 hit, my husband received a neuroendocrine cancer diagnosis, and everyone was sent home to work…except me.  Libraries were... Continue Reading →

Spring in Appalachia

Spring in Appalachia is synonymous to the arrival of ramps, a white tuber with wide green leaves, and a vivid rhubarb red stem, that could be mistaken for flowerless snowdrops. They are a cross between spring onions, garlic, and leeks; have a very pungent smell, and are absolutely delicious! There are many recipes around the... Continue Reading →

“Librarians strengthen the research community and facilitate scholarly communication”

Librarians are at the core of scholarly communication and it is imperative we continue to commit to learning new skills to stay technologically savvy. This includes knowing the databases which can best aid the populations we serve, and understanding Resource Data Management. In fact, the National Library of Medicine’s continuing education programs support all aspects... Continue Reading →

Then & Now – Information Sharing

“We are in the midst of a transformation that has created new roles for authors, publishers, informational technologists, and librarians.” (Hurd, 2004) It is an exciting time to be a librarian. With the advent of the world wide web, internet, and a myriad of social networking tools, the rate at which people can share information... Continue Reading →

Digital Music

I love music. I like the diversity and am grateful to my husband and children for introducing me to a lot of new music and many different genres.  Music is an art form that is powerful and connects people from all backgrounds…it brings us together as one. Growing up, I had a portable record player... Continue Reading →

My Day in the Library

My days in the library begin at 7:30. I am usually there right at 7:30.  Sometimes people are already waiting outside the door…that immediately puts me on edge.  I probably should be there at least 5 minutes earlier, but with all other things in my life, mornings are for making coffee, lunch, working out, and... Continue Reading →

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